• Crypto Exchanges Will Face More Scrutiny, Says SEC Chair
    SEC Chair Gary Gensler has said that the regulatory authority will examine exchanges more closely in 2022. This comes at a time when regulators all over the world are scrutinizing crypto exchanges. The post Crypto Exchanges Will Face More Scrutiny, Says SEC Chair appeared first on BeInCrypto.... Read more »
  • Lossless Vault Protection Stops a Hack and Saves $55,000 for gotEM
    Just a month ago Lossless launched a tool called Vault Protection and it already proved to be successful against hacks. gotEM, a crowdsourcing DeFi platform enabling private investigations, private security, and humanitarianism, applied this tool and did it just in time - Vault Protection prevented a hack on one of... Read more »
  • Yield App Launches V2, With More Than a New Look
    Yield App – the official digital asset wealth management partner of premier league football club West Ham United – has unveiled the hotly anticipated Version 2 (V2) of its platform, just 11 months since it launched in February 2021.  In this short time, Yield App has garnered more than 70,000... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Investment Products Lost Ground in 2021: CryptoCompare Outlook Report
    CryptoCompare's latest outlook report found that bitcoin-based products lost some of their dominance in 2021 as investors begin turning to other assets. The post Bitcoin Investment Products Lost Ground in 2021: CryptoCompare Outlook Report appeared first on BeInCrypto.... Read more »
  • ERTHA Token Listing on KuCoin
    Ertha Metaverse, one of blockchain gaming’s most talked about metaverses, has announced the listing of its ERTHA token on one of the top crypto exchanges - KuCoin. The post ERTHA Token Listing on KuCoin appeared first on BeInCrypto.... Read more »

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  • Andreessen Horowitz aims to raise $4.5 billion to invest in crypto funds
    Last week, A16z reportedly said it would raise $3.5 billion for its VC fund, as well as another $1 billion for Web3 seed investments. A16z, a VC company with investments in Protocol Labs, Polychain Capital and Opensea among others, is now planning to raise $4.5 billion for its latest fund,... Read more »
  • 1inch Network expands to Avalanche and Gnosis Chain
    The decentralized exchange aggregator said it hopes to offer users more options for low-costs, high-speed transactions. The 1inch Network announced on Wednesday its plans to deploy the 1inch Aggregation Protocol on Avalanche and the 1inch Limit Order Protocol on Gnosis Chain, formerly known as the xDai Chain. In a statement shared... Read more »
  • Russian central bank proposes blanket ban on crypto mining and trading
    Russian central bank has demanded reinforcement of the ongoing crypto payment ban and seeks to introduce punishments In a report published on Thursday, the Central Bank of Russia has called for a blanket ban on domestic cryptocurrency trading and mining.The report titled "Cryptocurrencies: Trends, risks, measures" compares cryptocurrencies to a... Read more »
  • Meta reportedly plans to integrate NFTs on Facebook and Instagram profiles
    Meta reportedly plans an integration to allow social media users to display their NFTs on Facebook and Instagram. Multinational tech conglomerate Meta is reportedly diving into nonfungible tokens (NFTs) by integrating a feature that will let users show off their NFTs on their Facebook and Instagram profiles. According to the... Read more »
  • Aleph.im raises $10M to develop censorship-resistant data storage
    Decentralized storage and computing network Aleph.im raised fresh funds to face Amazon Lambda as a decentralized alternative. The competition among the computing networks is warming up, with decentralized players coming into the stage with backing from the crypto ecosystem.Decentralized storage and computing network Aleph.im completed a $10 million funding round... Read more »


  • ERTHA Listing on KuCoin
    Ertha Metaverse, one of blockchain gaming’s most talked about metaverses has today announced the listing of their ERTHA token on one of the top crypto exchanges – KuCoin. With over 10 million users worldwide, KuCoin is a perfect partner for Ertha. In addition to being among the top exchanges for... Read more »
  • TA: Ethereum Plunges, Can Buyers Save The Key $3K Support?
    Ethereum extended decline below the $3,100 support zone against the US Dollar. ETH price must stay above $3,000 to avoid a sharp decline. Ethereum extended decline below the $3,120 and $3,100 levels. The price is trading below $3,150 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a key bearish... Read more »
  • TA: Why Bitcoin Needs To Clear $42,500 For Hopes of a Fresh Rally
    Bitcoin found support near the $41,200 zone against the US Dollar. BTC must clear $42,500 to start a recovery wave in the near term. Bitcoin extended decline and tested the $41,200 support zone. The price is still trading below $42,500 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a... Read more »
  • Ethereum The New Hard Money?
    A debate arose about the possibility of Ethereum becoming hard money and ended up highlighting more downsides to the digital asset than anything else. The founder of a Bitcoin investments managing platform, Charles Edwards, shared a chart that showed the circulating supply activity of Ethereum and Bitcoin and argued that... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Implied Volatility Plummets To Pre-Bull Market Levels: What This Means
    Bitcoin has sharply declined in the past month which has dragged it down to the $40K price point. The digital asset’s downtrend had then promptly dragged their metrics like implied volatility down with it. This decline has been even sharper as bears have gotten a tighter grip on the market.... Read more »


  • Money on Chain (MoC) Protocol Celebrates Its Two-Year Anniversary As It Offers Industry-Beating Returns to Bitcoin (BTC) Holders
    Money on Chain, a DeFi protocol built on the world’s first Bitcoin-based smart contract platform RSK today celebrates its second anniversary as it continues to be the leading protocol to bring DeFi on the Bitcoin network. Money on Chain Celebrates Its Two-Year Anniversary Since its launch in 2019, Money on... Read more »
  • Solv Protocol Makes Fundraising Easier for DAOs Through Convertible Vouchers
    Solv Protocol is ushering in the next era of fundraising for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) through its Convertible Vouchers. With Solv’s convertible vouchers, DAOs will no longer have to sell their tokens to raise funds and they’ll also enjoy lower financing costs. Solv Unveils Convertible Vouchers Solv Protocol, a decentralized... Read more »
  • Bitcoin and Ether Market Update January 20, 2022
    Total crypto market cap erased $60 billion from its value for the period since Monday and now stands at $1.98 trillion. The top ten coins showed mixed results for the last 24 hours with Terra (LUNA) adding 4.4 percent to its value while Cardano (ADA) lost 2.7 percent. At the... Read more »
  • This is How Metaverseavenue Will Change Advertising in the Projected $1 Trillion Metaverse Using NFTs
    When Facebook said they were rebranding to Meta, they (un)knowingly shone the light on the metaverse. Indeed, the metaverse is nothing new.  The technology has been there before but chronically suffered from lack of investment until Facebook happened. If the metaverse was in ICU in 2020, the rise of NFTs... Read more »
  • Building Better Brains: EMR to hold Public Sale on KICK.IO
    20th January 2021, Tallinn, Estonia – Our societies are old – and they’re getting older still. Despite the often abstract rhetoric that surrounds discussions of “future demographic challenges”, the aging of modern societies represent very tangible labor shortages, loss of productivity, and stagnant economies. Keeping our creative brains running for... Read more »


  • Avalanche, Stellar, AAVE Price Analysis: 20 January
    Correlating with the market sentiment, altcoins like Avalanche, Stellar and AAVE exhibited a bearish inclination. Avalanche fell below all its EMA ribbons. Although its RSI recovered, it needed to ramp up its volumes to confirm a strong bull move. Stellar and AAVE were still on the bearish bandwagon while their... Read more »
  • Is Litecoin headed back toward $120 after failure to breach $150
    Litecoin has struggled to break past the $163 level for the whole of December after the early December sell-off saw Litecoin drop from $200 to $140. At the time of writing, the market structure continued to be bearish. Even though Bitcoin was trading just above an area of support and... Read more »
  • Solana gains momentum as NFT sales volume hits $1B, should Ethereum be worried
    Solana has been a cryptocurrency blockbuster this year, and even 2021. However its token (SOL) went into free fall, following technical difficulties in its network. But did that hinder its growth? Well, not really. In fact, it gained more support- just recently JP Morgan, one of the largest banks in the... Read more »
  • PEJ announces launch of first wearable NFTs: Access to exclusive metaverse and VIP events
    As the non-fungible token market continues to progress, many big players are getting involved in this blockchain technology. PEJ is proud to be a part of this revolution with the introduction of the first wearable NFTs in the form of a wearable PEJ hoodie. Once PEJCOIN reaches 1000 holders, one... Read more »
  • Binance paves the way for a better and safer digital ecosystem with NCFTA
    The past two years have – unequivocally – been the year of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The king coin – Bitcoin – registered a massive rally in the market, beating all of its previous records and setting a new one that exceeded the expectations of several investors in the market.... Read more »

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